Custom Plastic Tubing

Urethane Tubing

Urethane Tubing A.P. Extrusion has been in the Plastic Extrusion Industry for decades. We offer a wide variety of Poly Tubing, including urethane and polyurethane Tubing. Urethane tubing can be extruded in many varieties to serve various applications in multiple industries. Medical grade urethane can be used in tubing when FDA, USDA, or NSF is a requirement. Let our designers and engineers assist with the material selection that best suits your Poly Tubing needs.

Urethane tubes are some of the toughest and most flexible tubes available. They are abrasion and tear resistant. Urethane can be the perfect material choice for many pick-and-place applications.

Urethane tubing is available in an ether-based material that is resistant to oil, fuel, and other petroleum-based chemicals. Ether-based urethane tubing is relatively strong, relatively inexpensive.

Ether-based urethane is also a material that is resistant to humidity and is a great choice for water transfer applications. Ether-based urethane tubing is hydrolytically stabile-even in humid environments, resists fungus, and is a superb material choice for pneumatic applications.

It is also a non-leaching material because it is free of plasticizers; reducing the chance of urethane tubing becoming brittle and causing contamination. Urethane tubing is resistant to deterioration caused from contamination of human handling.

Urethane tubing is an appropriate and cost-effective material choice for many applications. Fittings should be specific to the type of material: for 95A durometer rating 'push to connect' fittings are acceptable; for 90A, 85A, and 70A 'barb' fittings are recommended ('compression' fittings can be used, but are not as highly recommended).

A.P. Extrusion provides urethane tubing for the following applications:

Feature 1: High Flexibility

Feature 2: Abrasion Resistant

Feature 3: Tear Resistant

Feature 4: Chemically Resistant

Application 1: Medical Devices

Application 2: Food and Beverage

Application 3: Insulators

Application 4: Component Housing

Application 5: Handles

Application 6: Novelty Items

Application 7: Birdfeeders

Application 8: Rollers

Product Types, Services and Features:

  • Single-Lumen Tubing
  • Multi-Lumen Tubing
  • Plastic Profiles
  • Extruded Bead Tubing
  • Striped Tubing
  • Dual Wall Tubing
  • Radiopaque Tubing
  • Wall Tolerances to 0.00025"
  • Material Evaluations
  • Prototypes
  • Short Lead Times
  • SPC
  • In-Process and Final Inspection
  • Tubing Cut to Length or Spooled
  • Stock and Custom Colors

Leader in medical tubing:

  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified
  • Wall Tolerances to 0.00025"
  • Clear, Custom and Colored Medical Tubing
  • Custom, Cut-to-Length Medical Tubing
  • Radiopaque Medical Tubing

Extensive experience with most thermoplastics, including:

  • Polyethylene
  • PVC
  • Nylon 66, 11, 12
  • Urethanes
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • Pebax™
  • Hytrel™
  • C-Flex™
  • Texin™
  • Tecoflex™
  • Custom Compounds