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A.P. Extrusion offers Cutting-Edge Technology To Manufacture Small Diameter Plastic Tubing

Medical device manufacturers leverage the company’s new 3D Printing Services to develop custom tubing for diagnostic and interventional medical products

Questions about small diameter tubing? Call: 603 890-1086 or email info at A.P. Extrusion (, a leading custom tubing manufacturer located in Salem, New Hampshire, has recently announced the addition of 3D printing services providing its customers who contract with the company for its custom small diameter plastic tubing needs with a competitive advantage. This innovative new technology will facilitate R & D engineers in improving the efficiency and expense of developing small diameter custom tubing, particularly for instruments used in complex surgical and medical applications.

“For over 20 years our medical device customers, in particular, have come to rely upon our core capability as a manufacturer of small diameter plastic tubing,” states President of A.P. Extrusion, John Brusseau. “However, we can provide more than plastic tubing extrusions to the medical community. Due to the recent addition of 3D printing technology in-house, we can also offer our customers rapid prototyping services. They now have the option of developing numerous ABS prototype models of their small diameter plastic tubing before committing to a final design. This is a value-add for customers as it saves them in both the time and expense of producing small diameter plastic tubing for their equipment.

A.P. Extrusion’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and knowledgeable staff also make them a small diameter plastic tubing manufacturer of choice for a wide range of other industries to include: chemical transfer, automotive, pharmaceutical processing, food and beverage, semiconductor, computer equipment, and industrial to name a few. The company uses SPC workstation technology to assist in manufacturing small diameter plastic tubing that requires tight tolerances of (.00025”). The strength of its manufacturing services lies in its ability to consistently meet all USDA, NSF, and FDA standards achieved by utilizing its Class 100,000 Clean Room, and following strict adherences to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

A.P. Extrusion has extensive experience in manufacturing small diameter plastic tubing in a variety of thermoplastics and custom compounds, in a variety of extrusion configurations.

For more information about the full extent of A.P. Extrusion’s small diameter plastic tubing manufacturing capabilities and its new 3D printing services, please contact our Sales department at 603.890.1086 or at
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Providing small diameter custom tubing manufacturing and rapid prototyping services for over 20 years for medical, surgical, catheter and hypodermic applications.
Our catalogue of small diameter tubings are made with polyethylene, PVC, vinyl, polyurethane, nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, thermoplastic and urethane.
They include, dual wall, extruded profiles, multi lumen, clear, plastic rod, flexible, thin wall and single lumen.