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A.P. Extrusion Announces the Expansion of Their Manufacturing Services With New Addition of 3D Printing Technology

R&D Engineering dreams transformed into reality, rapidly and inexpensively, with the new Dimension 3D Printer

A.P. Extrusion (, a leading custom tubing manufacturer located in Salem, New Hampshire, recently announced that they are expanding their services effectively immediately with the addition of 3D Printing. This new innovative technology, possible with the use of the Dimension 3D Printer, will assist R & D engineering teams in developing new products by easily translating a design schematic or SolidWorks print into a 3D prototype. Given the accuracy of 3D printing, it will assist in eliminating misinterpretation of data, and will produce an ABS prototype model rapidly and inexpensively.

Questions about small diameter tubing? Call: 603 890-1086 or email info at“Our customers will realize benefits immediately as the 3D printing process can create an ABS prototype in hours, where with conventional methods, it used to take days or even weeks. Now, R & D teams will not only have the opportunity to improve the performance of their product, but it will also cut expenses and improve the time it takes to release their new product to the marketplace,” explains John Brusseau, President of A.P. Extrusion.

A.P. Extrusion invested in the Dimension Printer in response to the growing demand of its customers who were looking for more efficient processes to experiment with numerous design iterations without the added expense. In developing a 3D prototype of their product before putting it into full production provides them with the opportunity to explore the functionality and quality of a part early in the development phase, thereby reducing risk of product failure.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of a parts’ design, the many applications of 3D printing offer designers and engineers with practical advantages—they can:
  • Develop numerous design concepts to assist design teams in exploring new ideas in product development
  • Evaluate the form, fit and function to ensure all parts are meeting design specifications
  • Identify design flaws early in the product development phase
  • Reduce manufacturing expenses as costly errors are eliminated, also improving time-to-market
A.P. Extrusion’s has the in-house capabilities to create a 3D prototype of plastic parts for a wide range of industries to include but are not limited to medical devices, automotive, pharmaceutical processing, computer equipment, industrial, semiconductor, and food and beverage industry.

Companies interested in learning more about the competitive advantages that 3D printing provides are encouraged to contact A.P. Extrusion for more information at 603.890.1086 or at
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